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0 comments | Wednesday, April 01, 2009

s t o p o v e r

buen calubayan
jason dy, sj
manny garibay
rene javellana, sj
jason moss
leobensant marquez
jose tence ruiz
jaime pacena ii
alma quinto
iggy rodriguez
benilda santos
angelo sua
wesley valenzuela


Holy Wednesday, 08 APRIL (6PM)
until 25 April / 2009

111 New York and Stanford Sts.,
Cubao QC (+632) 9124319


Stopover was previously shown at the Ateneo de Manila University,
as part of the Asian Christian Art Conference on "Art, Theology and Imagination"
presented in collaboration with TutoK:Karapatan and Loyola School of Theology
last October 28-30, 2008. This re-installation of the exhibit formally launches the year of preparation
for "KRITKAT" (Kritikal Katoliko); a multi-disciplinary attempt
to portray a significant reflection of our society; set to happen in lent of 2010.


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